Are you getting ready to put sell your home in Flagstaff? There’s a lot of things that you can do to make your home sell faster and make more money. To this end, many people decide to hire a professional home stager.  That, however, can be expensive.  How can you save money on staging your home to sell? There are certainly plenty of ways you can improve your home’s appearance on your own.  With just a few basic steps, you can increase the appeal of your home to buyers in Flagstaff.   Here’s a few tips that can help.


Having a clean home may seem a bit obvious. But you really do need to dig down and clean more than you may think.  There’s more than just the clutter from daily life to deal with.  You also should look at all the items you haven’t used for a while and either dispose of or donate them.  Not only will this make your home cleaner now, but will help speed things up when you move. Your home needs to sparkle and be as clean a slate as possible.  And for sentimental or valuable items, think about storing them in an outside storage unit (not in the garage or shed as they need to see those clean as well).

Curb Appeal

The outside of your home speaks volumes about the rest of the home. When it comes to real estate, sometimes you can tell a book by its cover. That is why many buyers will drive by a home before they even schedule a showing. Don’t make them keep driving.  Make sure the yard is clean and maintained.  Add a fresh coat of paint to the siding and trim.  Polish or replace dull hardware.  Clean the walkways and driveway. Also think about investing in new roofing if it’s showing its age.

Do a Walk-Through

How does your home really look to home buyers? Walk through your home with a friend or your real estate agent and examine it with a fresh perspective.  Look at both what needs cleaning and what needs changing. What could be removed to make the room look bigger? Could you change a solid door with a French door to let in more light? Do the kitchen cabinets need new hardware? Even simple changes can make a huge difference.

Other things you can look at in your home are making sure your foyer is clean and clutter free, making the rooms more generic and versatile, find ways to let in more light, cleaning the fridge and organize the cupboards.

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