The Grand Canyon. The largest and deepest canyon in the continental U.S. If you like to be inspired or simply amazed, the Grand Canyon in Arizona is the place to go. There’s even a tourist village there. It’s called Grand Canyon Village. If you’re Looking for fun or thrilling activities, there’s more than plenty to do.

First there’s Grand Canyon Village to visit. There we have great places to stay so you are close to Grand Canyon lookout points while still having that touristy feel.

Now if you’re not into the touristy thing, then there is hiking. The North Rim is a nice secluded place if you’re looking for peace and quiet. Starting with a nice 21-mile hike, starting from the South Rim, that takes you to a beautiful rustic lodge with some fine restaurants and shops.

Or if you’re looking for something enchantingly beautiful, try the Havasu Falls. What a beautiful treat! It is called an oasis in the desert with it’s clear blue waters with gorgeous waterfalls as the backdrop. Of course, first you must hike around 10 miles. Not a simple endeavor, but completely worth it!

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