Are you in the mood to learn more about the history of Flagstaff, or even the history of the universe?  The great thing about living in Flagstaff is that there are a number of outstanding museums and a world famous observatory, all waiting for you to explore.  Why not spend some quality time with your family, or engage in your own personal journey, at one of these great places of learning.

Lowell Observatory

For the past 100 years, the Lowell Observatory has stood out as one of the finest telescopes in the world, and is the home of major astronomical discoveries, including Pluto. You can not only learn about the history of the observatory and modern astronomy, but also explore the wonders of the universe. You can also learn about early computing, as the Million computer, a mechanical computer used to help find Pluto, is still located here.

Museum of Northern Arizona

If Native American history and artifacts are your thing, then this is the perfect museum for you to marvel at ancient pottery and ceramic art. The civility contains a research lab, exhibit building, and more.  Established in 1928, the museum itself has a history of its own.

Pioneer Museum

Built in 1908 and serving as a hospital until 1938, this museum now serves to display the history of Flagstaff and Northern Arizona.  You can learn all about the local history of the area in ranching, logging, transportation and life in pioneer Flagstaff.