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How to Sell Your Home Faster to a Younger Buyer

by Gary Nelson

With more and more younger buyers hitting the market, it's a good idea to think about how to appeal to the younger buyers. When you're staging your home to sell, you need to think less about what you want in a home and think about what the buyer will want. Here's a few tips that will help you sell your house more quickly.

Warm Neutral Colors

Young professionals and families tend to lean toward neutral grays and lets them envision using colors and furnishings that will complement the walls.

White Cabinets

White and off-white cabinets appeal to people under 40.  The older darker cabinets remind younger ones of their parent's home, which usually can be a turn-off.

Updated Appliances

Stainless steel appliances are all the rage now, and many young buyers won't buy a home without them. Almond is out!

Open Showers

You don't have to be young to appreciate open glass showers.  

Keep it Simple

Young buyers aren't looking for fixer-uppers usually.  If they have children, they especially want a home they can move right into with minimal fuss. Make sure your home doesn't have any unfinished projects remaining and fix things that need to be fixed.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

by Gary Nelson

Today is the time when we can all come together and show our thanks for what we have.  It's also a time when we can give others a reason to be thankful as well.  Do you have some time to help others who don't have as much to have a better Thanksgiving holiday this week in Flagstaff?  If you do, there's a number of ways you can help. Here's a couple of organizations dedicated to helping those in need.

Flagstaff Family Food Center

Sunshine Rescue Mission

Have a happy Thanksgiving Day!

Relive the History of Flagstaff

by Gary Nelson

Are you in the mood to learn more about the history of Flagstaff, or even the history of the universe?  The great thing about living in Flagstaff is that there are a number of outstanding museums and a world famous observatory, all waiting for you to explore.  Why not spend some quality time with your family, or engage in your own personal journey, at one of these great places of learning.

Lowell Observatory

For the past 100 years, the Lowell Observatory has stood out as one of the finest telescopes in the world, and is the home of major astronomical discoveries, including Pluto. You can not only learn about the history of the observatory and modern astronomy, but also explore the wonders of the universe. You can also learn about early computing, as the Million computer, a mechanical computer used to help find Pluto, is still located here.

Museum of Northern Arizona

If Native American history and artifacts are your thing, then this is the perfect museum for you to marvel at ancient pottery and ceramic art. The civility contains a research lab, exhibit building, and more.  Established in 1928, the museum itself has a history of its own.

Pioneer Museum

Built in 1908 and serving as a hospital until 1938, this museum now serves to display the history of Flagstaff and Northern Arizona.  You can learn all about the local history of the area in ranching, logging, transportation and life in pioneer Flagstaff.

Explore the Wonder and History of Flagstaff Monuments

by Gary Nelson

The Southwest is known around the world for its stunning and rugged beauty. And Flagstaff is also known for historic importance in America. Not only has the area been inhabited by native tribes for thousands of years, the area also was important in the westward expansion.  When you bring all of these elements together, you get what’s offered in the National Monuments of the Flagstaff area. Have visited these amazing places lately?  If not, here are some of the best monuments in Flagstaff to explore and enjoy.

Walnut Canyon National Monument

If Native American history peaks your interest, then Walnut Canyon will certainly captivate you.  You’ll be able to see how the ancient inhabitants of this gorgeous landscape, called the Sinagua, lived from 600-1400 A.D.  You can also enjoy the rich array of wildlife in the canyon, including coyotes, jack rabbits, mule deer, mountain lions, elk, black bears, and more. The local geology, terrain, and weather create a remarkable variety of environments, which you can see as you explore the park.

Wupatki National Monument

Another extraordinary place to enjoy the stunning scenery and discover the history of the people who once thrived in this dessert. Marvel at the huge 800 year old stone pueblo that was the tallest and largest of such structures around that served as a focal point for a community of Native Americans that made full use of this land.

And don’t forget the other outstanding monuments in and near Flagstaff, including Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument and Riordan Mansion State Historic Park. Get out there and explore the wonder and history that is Flagstaff monuments.

5 Reason Why Owning a Home in Flagstaff Makes Sense

by Gary Nelson

The dream of owning a home in Flagstaff has never been more attainable.  Recent reports show that the number of people who own a home has rebounded from recent lows and is headed in the right direction.  The reasons to own a home may differ from person to person, but there are also many basic similarities.

Here are 5 basic reasons you should own your own home.

  1. It’s a way to save – When you pay your mortgage, you build equity in your home that can be used later in life.  You can use it to pay off credit card debt, put a child through college, or renovations.  If you pay rent, your landlord is the one with that equity.
  2. Tax savings – You can save on taxes by owning your own home.  You can deduct mortgage interest, property taxes, and profits from selling your home, but make sure to always check with your accountant first to find out which tax advantages apply to you in the Flagstaff area.
  3. Lock in monthly costs – When you get a fixed rate mortgage, you will lock in your monthly costs for up to 30 years.  Even when your home value increases, your monthly costs won’t.
  4. Cheaper than renting - According to the latest report from Trulia, it is now 37.4% less expensive to buy a home of your own than to rent in the US. That number varies throughout the country but ranges from 6% cheaper in San Jose, CA to 57% cheaper in Detroit, MI.
  5. No other investment lets you live inside of it – You can invest your money in gold or the stock market, but you will still need somewhere to live. In a home that you own, you can wake up every morning knowing that your investment is gaining value while providing you a safe place to live.

Before you sign another lease, why not sit down with to better understand all your options.

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