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Unwind In a Relaxing Flagstaff B&B

by Gary Nelson

The holiday season can be a stressful time.  So why not get away for a couple of days? But if you live in Flagstaff or the surrounding area, you don’t have to go far. Flagstaff has the perfect bed and breakfast just waiting for you to relax and unwind in.  And if you don’t live in Flagstaff, then you’ll appreciate what these fine inns offer for the weary traveler.  You can relax in a private setting, all while breathing in the cool mountain air of the southwest.

Here’s a few of the best bed and breakfasts in Flagstaff and the surrounding are that will be sure to take your stress levels down a few pegs.

Elden Trails Bed and Breakfast

Located at the foot of Mt. Elden, the natural setting complements the simplicity of this comfortable B&B.  This eco-tourist inn features locally sourced and home-grown food grown in their own greenhouse.  This bed and breakfast sets a great example of sustainable living and is sure to take the weight off your busy life.

Starlight Pines Bed & Breakfast

Rated one of the top 10 bed and breakfasts by Phoenix Magazine, this is the only B&B in all of Arizona to receive the “Best of the Road” award, along with being mentioned in a number of other magazines.  You’ll see what all the fuss is about when you relax in this historic Victorian home. You can relive the old days with a warm crackling fire and clawfoot bathtubs. The antique filled rooms and old-fashioned hospitality complete the picture.

Want to find other great B&B’s in Flagstaff?  Here’s a few more that may be the perfect remedy to a stressful life.


We're excited to present an all-new home search tool to our website! You can now more easily find the perfect home in Flagstaff.  If you've used our previous search feature, you'll notice similarities.  But this new search page makes it easier to refine your property search so that you only view the homes that meet your specific criteria.  Plus, it's mobile friendly, so you can use it on the road as you're searching the Flagstaff area for homes.

There's two great ways to search for your next home in Flagstaff:

Search by Location

You can search for homes in Flagstaff using a number of easily defined criteria.  Looking for recently listed homes? Just click the "New (Within 7 Days)" box.  You can select a specific location, a property type, specific home features, garage spaces, square feet, acres and more. And of course you can define your search by price range.

Draw on a Map - NEW FEATURE!

Don't quite know the name of the exact location you want to find a home in? If you can find it on a map, then you can search for it on our search tool.  This powerful feature lest you draw a shape around the area that you want to search in.  The, just like the Search by Location tab, you can refine your search using the same parameters.

Searching for the perfect home in the Flagstaff area has never been easier! Visit our new home search page today to start your journey to finding your new home.  And feel free to contact us any time at 928-225-3510 if you need help.

Staging Your Home For a Faster Sell

by Gary Nelson

Are you getting ready to sell your home in Flagstaff? If so, you've no doubt realized already that there's a lot of things you need to do to get your home ready.  Getting your home ready to sell is called "staging."  You need to make sure that your home is staged so that it appeals to potential buyers. Think of it as if you were going to perform on stage.  Of course you would want to dazzle the crowd.  Staging your home for selling is no different.  You want to dazzle the buyers so that your home sells faster, as well as getting the most money.

As noted already, there's a wide range of items that can be spruced up in a home to improve it's selling points.  Here's a list of 30 items you can work on in your home for a more effective staging.

Here's a few highlights from that list:

Get rid of grime on bathroom walls.  You can easily get rid of surface mold by spraying one part water and one part bleach. A fresh coat of paint also helps.

Paint Dated Tile. That brown and orange tiles from the 70's may have been hip then, but not now. There's an easy fix though without replacing it.  Fist coat them with a high-adhesion primer, then a​ special ceramic epoxy covering. This will cost far less than replacing the tile and will bring you bath up to current styles.

Update the Fireplace.  Pain also works wonders on a fireplace that sticks out too much or has an old screen.  You can use a rag or brush to rub a light coat of paint on the bricks.  Make sure not to cover them completely.  You just want to change the color.  Use the same color as the surrounding walls.  If the screen is old, you can clean it off and paint it with heat-resistant spray paint. Just doing these two things to your fireplace will take it from old and ugly to spectacular.

Make sure to check out the full list above for more great ideas. Remember that a little really goes a long ways when it comes to effectively staging your home.


Tips on Staying Safe This Halloween in Flagstaff!

by Gary Nelson

Halloween. A time of treats, inventive costumes for the kids and scary good times. It’s also a time to remember a little caution and safety preparation can go a long way for our tricksters of the night. Let us share some fun ways to stay safe for this year’s Halloween in Flagstaff.

The chance of a car accident for a child goes up an unpleasant amount this night more than any other, so we have a few ideas on how to keep the children as safe as possible.

One good way is to try integrating reflective tape or stickers into costumes and bags, as well as using face paint, non-toxic of course, as an alternative to masks that can be visually obstructive for young ones. Besides, kids love getting to their faces painted! Also give the kids some glow sticks, glow bracelets and whatever other glowing things you can find for them. Not only will that be added fun for their costumes, but it will help with added visual for drivers.

Younger ones, 12 and under should never be out alone without any adult supervision. Also remind the older kids to stay in areas that they are familiar with, are well lit and maybe suggest to them that going trick-or-treating with friends would be more entertaining. They’re sure to like that!

Check out this link for more tips on safety this Halloween. Most importantly, don’t let them forget to have a scary great time this Halloween in Flagstaff, Arizona!

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